YARS World Season 2

03 Nov 2023 - 31 Jan 2024

Season 2 has started! Meet the Valkyrie and reborn into a new adventure.

New classes available


Knight Class


Crusader Class

Lord Knight

Lord Knight Class


Paladin Class

Max allowed clientsRead rule 2.8



1. Will Cash Shop, Quest Items, Attendance Rewards and Repeatable Quests from Season 1 be gone on Season 2?

Yes. Those 4 categories are content that it is dynamic from season to season. Items acquired during that Season will remain on those who unlocked them. This does not mean that those items will never be available again. If you did not have the time to get your hands in some of those items, there might be a comback in another upcoming Season.

2. Why is there no expanded classes?

We want to focus the gameplay on the new classes and try to balance everything within them before bringing the next and last group of pre-renewal classes.

3. Will there be no updates during a Season?

The server will still have updates when needed such as bug fixes or balances. But there will not be any new content added mid-season that can affect the meta of the gameplay.

4. Does a new Season mean that there will be a reset?

No, there will be no reset. All players have their progress and characters as they had on Season 1. New Seasons are just a way to introduce bigger patches with new content. This will change the meta of the gameplay and avoid making it so repetitive and boring.