YARS World Season 1

1 Sep 2023 - 2 Nov 2023

It's time to assemble your team and begin leveling up your characters.

Available classes


Swordsman Class


Knight Class


Crusader Class

Max allowed clients



1. Why is there no trascendent classes?

YARS World is a pre-renewal server and there will be trascendent classes. In order to allow players to enjoy the game and not rush to the end game, we have decided to release them on Season 2.

2. Why is there no expanded classes?

Same answer as previous question. We are not sure yet if expanded classes will make it to Season 2 or if we might wait with them until another Season.

3. Will there be no updates during a Season?

The server will still have updates when needed such as bug fixes or balances. But there will not be any new content added mid-season that can affect the meta of the gameplay.

4. Does a new Season mean that there will be a reset?

No, there will be no reset. You will keep your characters, items, zeny, etc. New Seasons are just a way to introduce big patches with new content. This will change the meta of the gameplay and avoid making it so repetitive.